Over time, we’ve often come back to similar solutions for our clients. Below are some of the most popular solutions for photography needs.
If you’ve a specific project brief in mind, do contact us. We also create custom packages at no extra cost.

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social media content

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… however you communicate with your client base, youi need a fresh supply of digital content.

We know what we are doing, and we will produce attractive media that will pull you right to the top of the pile!

Put us on a monthly retainer and we will make the images fresh each month, or hire us once a year and we will give you the whole plan in one big block! Digital marketing sorted for the year!

What we can do:

  • Produce social media content for 12 months (a total of 260 Instagram-formatted images.)

  • Develop a social media plan for the next 12 months, including the tagging process.

  • Provide quidance on digital marketing and positioning

  • Additional fees may apply where professional models are used. We highly recommend this.

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Hotel & architecture

For hotels and physical spaces needing imagery to communicate their uniqueness, this package covers all the bases with imagery of rooms, features and details. The images from this package can be used to fill out and refresh a website, social platform or physical collateral.

  • Full day of shooting (8 hours)

  • 3 images of each unique room or feature (10 rooms maximum)

  • 50 details shots showcasing features

  • 3-5 building exterior shots

  • Art direction for space setup

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Food & beverage

This package is perfect for those wanting to share a new menu or offering. Imagery of both the offerings and the experience guests and clients will enjoy, will make up a varied and stylish gallery. Perfect for announcements, collateral and website refreshes.

  • Four hours shooting (additional hours available)

  • Food styling guidance

  • 2 images of each unique meal/beverage offering

  • 15 images of overall experience aesthetic

  • 16 unique offerings or dishes

Also available:



Video is the new normal. For social media you need video to capture modern attention. Rates are by negotiation.

  • Social media clips

  • Full promo advertising content

  • Almost anything you can imagine

  • Multiple licenses

  • Multiple formats

Click to open a sample in Vimeo


Aerial (Drone) Images

Aerial Images give a completely difficult perspective. We hold a 101 certificate in flying UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) which gives us the option to plan flights in No Fly Zones (NFZ’s). This covers nearly every urban location, giving us legal option to fly in your area.

  • Minimum one hour charge

  • Video

  • Still photography

  • Time is required to assure legal permissions are obtained


Creative projects

Creative Projects are every photographers dream. I’ve been blessed to make images with some amazing actors, actresses and musicals over the years.

  • Bespoke shoots

  • Can include very complex design and sets

  • I work with one of Wellington’s best post=processors to achieve superb result

  • Makeup and hair artists available


Corporate headshots

Often skimped on, headshots may be one of the most important photographs you choose to make this year. Business is about people. We make images that help people relate to you.

  • Rooms are prepped in advance

  • Shoot is short and sweet

  • 8 per person to chose from

  • Corporate group shots available also

  • Pricing per image, included all post-processing


Commercial Concepts

From concept to execution we can help you punch above your weight by communicating your message in easy to relate to images.

  • We work with you art or marketing director well in advance

  • Execution is slow and methodical to get best results

  • We are able to post process to whatever level you need

  • Price by negotiation per bespoke shoot



Portraits are for those rare times when you or your family at at their prime. You’ve heard the saying “Its all downhill from here….”, there is no time like the present to make sure your image is captured in “digital” perpetuity!

  • Shoot takes up to two hours (quicker if needed)

  • Hair and makeup artist optional

  • Upwards of 300 images per shoot to choose from

  • 15 final images.

  • Provided in whatever digital format you need

  • We can advise the best place for printing as well!